Jon A. Phillips

Python Object-Oriented Programming. Build robust and maintainable object-oriented Python applications and libraries - Fourth Edition
The Adventures of Mr. Joseph P. Gray
Working with Microsoft Forms and Customer Voice. Efficiently gather and manage customer feedback, insights, and experiences
Python: Master the Art of Design Patterns. Click here to enter text
gnuplot Cookbook. Visual guide to every kind of graph you can make with this plotting software with this book and
Python 3 Object Oriented Programming. If you feel it’s time you learned object-oriented programming techniques, this is the perfect book for you. Clearly written with practical exercises, it’s the painless way to learn how to harness the power of OOP in Python
Wyzwanie z innego świata
Gangsters Glory

Gangsters Glory - Ebook

The Ex-Detective
The Great Prince Shan
The Great Impersonation
The Lion and the Lamb
The Light Beyond
The Lost Ambassador
The Mayor on Horseback
The Master Mummer
The Man Who Changed His Plea
The Mischief Maker
The New Tenant

The New Tenant - Ebook

The Ostrekoff Jewels
The Pawns Count

The Pawns Count - Ebook

The Avenger

The Avenger - Ebook

The Amazing Partnership
Stolen Idols

Stolen Idols - Ebook

The Amazing Judgment