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Can you subscribe at the university? Of course you can!

Look at the wide range of scientific books on subscription of BIBLIO learning platform. You can opt for an annual or multi-year subscription. Your university then gets access to thousands of scientific and specialized titles from the category of your choice, and when your subscription is over, you decide whether you want to renew or end it. Your account manager will contact you before the end of your subscription and remind you to renew your subscription.

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You decide what books your students will have access to.

The wide range of BIBLIO resources, thematic diversity of publications and understanding of your needs are crucial in matching our offer to your organization. Therefore, we encourage you to fill out the form below which will allow us to learn your needs and perfectly match the offer to you and your students.

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University library tailored for you. Thanks to modern solutions it is possible! Scientific e-books represent the format that allows you to conveniently read scientific publications in electronic form. This is an extremely effective form of learning – while reading in the mobile application, the student can take notes directly in the book and search for keywords in the application in a web browser.

Your students often need immediate access to scientific books. Scientific books online for free from your university library will be a great solution for them. The book appears on the reader's shelf within a few seconds of borrowing, you can read it from anywhere and at any time. BIBLIO learning platform is open any time.

In BIBLIO you are sure to find something for yourself – scientific books worth reading. These will be scientific books on psychology, marketing or logistics. Here diversity is the key too. Regardless of a field which you study at your university, in BIBLIO you will find titles that will enrich your scientific book collection.