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HERITO, No. 39: Green  English version

HERITO, No. 39: Green English version

The issue of the HERITO quarterly devoted to the relationship between man and nature. Developed in exceptional conditions, between an epidemic, a fire in the Biebrza National Park, and the forecasts of a summer drought, it made us even more aware of the need for contact not only with other people, but also with pure nature.

  • Cover
  • Table of contents
  • Editorial
  • Worth a look
  • There may not be any heritage in the future
  • Take a deep breath
  • Monochrome green
  • Run, forest, run!
  • Birds went to a different school
  • Festung Antropocen
  • Landscape
  • Rudolf Sikora: artist and ecologist
  • Green books
  • Vladans <em>Priča</em> is different
  • The name of the Pompidou Centre opens many doors
  • Worth a thought