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Brain - the factory of success. The most efficient strategies of businessmens

Brain - the factory of success. The most efficient strategies of businessmens

Anna Urbańska


The human brain is usually perceived as a mysterious, fascinating and unfathomable machinery. In her book Brain: A Factory of Success, Anna Urbańska invites you to the world of seductive neuroscience and business. The author reveals the mystery of brain functioning, providing you with tools necessary to understand yourself and the universe. Discovering your internal biostructure will help you manage your business in a better way. Learning about the evolutionally triune brain opens the gate to the astonishing road to personal development. The intriguing journey through intricacies of your own mind can sometimes be difficult. However, Anna Urbańska helps you navigate this bumpy road. The author uses neuroscience in a truly innovative way, creating a practical signpost within the process of getting to know your own personality, nature and behavior, as well as discovering your strengths and weaknesses, setting goals, accepting yourself, connecting with others and running your own business.

The author explains how knowledge of functioning of the brain can boost a company’s income. Basing on her own experience, Anna Urbańska comes up with a key to a thriving business. She debunks myths about earning money or generating profits, arguing that instead of being a ticking evil machine, money can give you a sense of freedom.

Just like in case of Anna Urbańska’s previous book, Brush Off Your Knees and Run, Brain: A Factory of Success contains fascinating interviews with incredible people. This time, the author talked to Krzysztof Litwiński, Paweł Jarząbek, Michał Jakubowski, Krzysztof Herdzik, Ewa Hartman, Jacek Kotarbiński and Jacek Kutyba.

People have been trying to understand the way human brain functions for generations, and Anna Urbańska’s book is undoubtedly a valuable work and a voice coming out of the world of neurons. What is more, Brain: A Factory of Success is an interdisciplinary fusion of science and practical approach to business, which makes it extremely innovative and outstanding. Due to the author’s easy narrative flow, reading this book is a sheer pleasure.

Introduction 5 

Chapter 1: Why do I need the brain business? 6 

Chapter 2: Does brain like authenticity? 8 

Chapter 3: Brain – the factory of money? 35 

Chapter 4: What does the brain think about personal development? 51 

Chapter 5: Does the brain like to lead? 71 

Chapter 6: What does our brain say about PR? 86 

Chapter 7: Brain + Marketing = Neuromarketing? 110 

Chapter 8: Does the brain equal the image? 126 

Chapter 9: Principles of successful people with the brain 144

The ending 146

  • Tytuł: Brain - the factory of success. The most efficient strategies of businessmens
  • Autor: Anna Urbańska
  • Tłumaczenie: Nina Lubiejewska
  • ISBN: 978-83-954595-8-0, 9788395459580
  • Data wydania: 2021-05-06
  • Format: Ebook
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