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English prepositions. Exercises

English prepositions. Exercises

Incorrect usage of prepositions in English is like driving your car at night with the headlights off. You can’t find the way in darkness. The ebook illuminates the way by being the most definitive resource for English learners at all levels.

• The most comprehensive and definitive overview with a key of English prepositions ever written (538 pages)


• An innovative method for getting a feel for preposition usage


• Focus on enhancing the minutest differences:

at home vs in the home vs in the house vs on the house

take the advice of sb vs take the advice from sb


• Thousands of bracketed prompts in italics:

a moderator for the site (the main or only moderator)

a moderator of the site (one of many moderators)


• Preposition usage not to be found in other publications:

be nostalgic about sth vs be nostalgic for sth

a design for sth vs a design of sth

be shy around sb


• A wide spectrum of interesting, contrastive contexts


The ebook English Prepositions - Test serves as a perfect complement to the ebook