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Castles Legends: Castles in Poland

Castles Legends: Castles in Poland

Castles Legends. Castles in Poland is a collection of legends about fifty castles located in present-day Poland. This compilation contains both well-known stories, such as the Legend of the Wawel Dragon, and those lesser-known, such as the Legend of Iris of Tęczyn Castle. This book takes you on an exciting adventure to distant lands across different historical eras. Take a peek at Kruszwica Castle from the times preceding the rule of the Piast dynasty, or at the 20th-century Książ Castle. Investigate how facts mould with beliefs into one, and how seemingly innocent events take on a legendary status.


Castles Legends. Castles in Poland is a must-read for all enthusiasts of castles, intriguing stories, mysteries, hidden treasures, ghosts, spectres, and demons of all kind. This book takes you to a whole different world; a realm of wonders.


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