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The Abysmal Brute

The Abysmal Brute

Jack London


“The Abysmal Brute” is a book by Jack London, an American novelist. A pioneer of commercial fiction and an innovator in the genre that would later become known as science fiction.

The Abysmal Brute is a novel by American writer Jack London. It is a short novel, and could be regarded as a novelette. In the story, a man who was brought up in a log cabin, and who is a newcomer to society, finds success as a boxer and recognizes corrupt practices in professional boxing.

  • Tytuł: The Abysmal Brute
  • Autor: Jack London
  • ISBN: 978-83-8226-520-0, 9788382265200
  • Data wydania: 2021-11-17
  • Format: Ebook
  • Identyfikator pozycji: e_28ee
  • Wydawca: Avia Artis