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Back to Methuselah

Back to Methuselah

George Bernard Shaw


“Back to Methuselah” is a play by George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright who became the leading dramatist of his generation, and in 1925 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.


Back to Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw consists of a preface (The Infidel Half Century) and a series of five plays: In the Beginning: B.C. 4004 (In the Garden of Eden), The Gospel of the Brothers Barnabas: Present Day, The Thing Happens: A.D. 2170, Tragedy of an Elderly Gentleman: A.D. 3000, and As Far as Thought Can Reach: A.D. 31,920.


  • Tytuł: Back to Methuselah
  • Autor: George Bernard Shaw
  • ISBN: 978-83-8226-610-8, 9788382266108
  • Data wydania: 2022-01-06
  • Format: Ebook
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