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Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi 3

Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi 3

Unleash the power of the Raspberry Pi 3 board to create interesting IoT projects

Key Features

  • Learn how to interface various sensors and actuators with the Raspberry Pi 3 and send this data to the cloud.
  • Explore the possibilities offered by the IoT by using the Raspberry Pi to upload measurements to Google Docs.
  • A practical guide that will help you create a Raspberry Pi robot using IoT modules.

Book Description

This book is designed to introduce you to IoT and Raspberry Pi 3. It will help you create interesting projects, such as setting up a weather station and measuring temperature and humidity using sensors; it will also show you how to send sensor data to cloud for visualization in real-time. Then we shift our focus to leveraging IoT for accomplishing complex tasks, such as facial recognition using the Raspberry Pi camera module, AWS Rekognition, and the AWS S3 service. Furthermore, you will master security aspects by building a security surveillance system to protect your premises from intruders using Raspberry Pi, a camera, motion sensors, and AWS Cloud. We'll also create a real-world project by building a Wi-Fi – controlled robot car with Raspberry Pi using a motor driver circuit, DC motor, and a web application.

This book is a must-have as it provides a practical overview of IoT's existing architectures, communication protocols, and security threats at the software and hardware levels—security being the most important aspect of IoT.

What you will learn

  • Understand the concept of IoT and get familiar with the features of Raspberry Pi
  • Learn to integrate sensors and actuators with the Raspberry Pi
  • Communicate with cloud and Raspberry using communication protocols such as HTTP and MQTT
  • Build DIY projects using Raspberry Pi, JavaScript/node.js and cloud (AWS)
  • Explore the best practices to ensure the security of your connected devices

Who this book is for

If you're a developer or electronics engineer and are curious about the Internet of Things, then this is the book for you. With only a rudimentary understanding of electronics, the Raspberry Pi, or similar credit-card sized computers, and some programming experience, you will be taught to develop state-of-the-art solutions for the Internet of Things in an instant.