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Hybrid warfare. The essence, structure and course of the conflict

Hybrid warfare. The essence, structure and course of the conflict

Slawomir Turkowski - lawyer, graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University in Bialystok, a specialist in the field of commercial companies' law, public procurement law and energy law, advisor in energy sector companies, energy market expert. Military theoretician, military instructor, graduate of the Reserve School of the Military Academy of Rocket and Artillery in Toruń. General Joseph Bem, an officer of the Polish Army.


The book analyzes the phenomenon of hybrid wars as third-generation conflicts. The publication discusses the genesis of conflicts, the course as well as aspects related to combating these phenomena and indicates methods of prevention. The author intends to present the issues of hybrid warfare in a comprehensive manner and at the same time practical. This publication is the result of research and the author's practices in the area of asymmetric conflicts.

  • The genesis of hybrid warfares
  • The specificity of hybrid warfare
  • Changes in the methodology of warfare
  • The essence of the structure of hybrid warfare
  • Changes in the definition of war
  • The specificity and principles of unconventional activities
  • The multifaceted nature of hybrid warfare
  • Atypicality as the main feature of hybrid warfare
  • Russian neo-imperialism
  • Redefining the concept of war and changing its character
  • The Sources of Hybrid Warfare
  • Psychological aspect of hybrid warfare and the role of society
  • Purpose and course of hybrid wars
  • Necessary state actions, being the object of aggression
  • The aggressor state is not able to deal with it effectively
  • The multidimensional of hybrid war
  • The recipe for a successful hybrid war is clearly set goals
  • Course and phases of hybrid war
  • The role of the European Union and NATO in terms of security
  • The ability to effectively defend and attack
  • The new military doctrine of the Russian Federation and its goals
  • Limited role of regular troops
  • The subliminal aggression and article 5 of the Treaty
  • End