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Current Trends in the Global Economy. From the Perspective of Japanese and Polish Economists

Current Trends in the Global Economy. From the Perspective of Japanese and Polish Economists

The monograph is our latest publication created thanks to the scientific cooperation between Polish and Japanese researchers from the Department of International Business at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, and Takasaki City University of Economics. The results of their research provide an overview of selected trends and challenges present in the global economy. As a mosaic of diverse research subjects, this book is dedicated to readers who look for multidimensional insights into the modern trends and phenomena occurring in the global economy. This monograph is recommended to students of economics who want to acquire knowledge about the selected tendencies, and researchers who would like to broaden their knowledge in the area of current trends in the globalized world economy, as well as entrepreneurs and business practitioners seeking information about the cultural aspects of the global economic phenomena.

Introduction 7

Part 1. Macroeconomic Trends in the Global Economy 13

1. Recent trends of mega-regional integration and global value chain upgrading in the Asia-Pacific region (Takamune Fuji) 15

2. Disciplines of industrial subsidies: issues and directions for improvements in the changing world (Osamu Umejima) 27

3. From cybersecurity to economic security. The EU and the Polish perspective (Bogusława Drelich-Skulska, Paweł Brusiło) 71

References 103

Part 2. Challenges of Economic Cooperation – the Mesoeconomic Perspective 113

4. Network markets: cooperation and competition shaped by the network effect (Szymon Mazurek) 115

5. Production network of the automobile industry in the Greater Mekong Sub-region: a comparison to Europe (Kenji Nozaki) 131

6. Industrial cooperation as a form of transfer of arms and military equipment (Przemysław Skulski) 146

References 161

Part 3. Cultural Aspects of the Global Economic Phenomena 165

7. Comparing the roles of residents in the resort town of Karuizawa in Japan and residents on Martha’s Vineyard in the US (Mami Hiraike Okawara) 167

8. Communication issues related to the cultural diversity of clusters (Anna H. Jankowiak) 180

References 192

List of figures 194

List of tables 195