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European History Painting in the 19th Century. Mutual Connections - Common Themes - Differences

European History Painting in the 19th Century. Mutual Connections - Common Themes - Differences

The 20th-century art history has formed a distorted image of the art of the 19th century, one that was acceptable for the contemporary taste fascinated by the formal achievements of the avant-gardes. We are continually surprised to discover how little we know about works that were created at that time and what the contemporary artists were interested in. The aim of the conference organised by the National Museum in Cracow and the Art History Institute of the Jagiellonian University in March 2007 was to show to the modern Europe, on the example of history painting, the scope of relationships and mutual connections that functioned there in the 19th century. (From PREFACE by Barbara Ciciora).

1. Andreas Strobl, Die Fresken aus der Geschichte Bayerns im Münchner Hofgarten
2. Barthelemy Jobert, Louis Philippe’s Historical Gallery at the Palais-Royal (1828-1848)
3. Cordula Grewe, Geschichtsmalerei als säkulares Andachtsbild: Zum genre historique in der Düsseldorfer Malershule
4. Werner Telesko, Österreichische Geschichte und österreichische Geschichtsmalerei im 19. Jahrhundert oder die Probleme der Visualisierung des „Supranationalismus“
5. Marta Herucová. Die Divergenz der slowakischen Historienmalerei des 19. Jahrhunderts
6. Marina Bregovac Pisk, History Painting in Croatia in the 19th Century – An Overview
7. Ferenc Matits, Das Wirken des Malers Victor Madarász mit besonderem Augenmerk auf seine Pariser Jahre
8. Małgorzata Szelągowska, Les conditions économiques de la création. La peinture académique en France et en Pologne
9. Stéphane Paccoud, The « historical genre » as an international style: the influence of Paul Delaroche on Józef Simmler and Polish history painters
10. Barbara Ciciora, The Influence of Munich History Painting on Jan Matejko

11.Marta Smolińska-Byczuk, „Heimkehr von Odysseus” und „Ruhm von Böhmen” – zwei jugendliche Werke von Józef Mehoffer

12. Xavier Deryng, Georges d’Ostoya et les contre-attaques polonaises plastiques conter le pan-germanisme          (1902-1918)