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The Mini Book of Agile

The Mini Book of Agile

Think of this book as Agile for Dummies (or Agile for anyone and everyone). This Agile book will allow you to master the most important concepts of Agile development, Agile project delivery, and Agile project management. This mini book has been designed to enable you to manage your projects in an Agile way.

This mini book will walk you through the fundamentals, principles, and key concepts of Agile, Agile project management, and Agile Delivery.

The book includes valuable resources, graphics, and examples that will allow you to grasp the key essence of Agile, Agile rituals, Agile practices, Agile concepts, and the key differences between Agile and traditional project management.

After reading this book, you will have a thorough understanding of Agile and how to put Agile into practice at work and in your personal projects.