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Mapp and Lucia

Mapp and Lucia

E.F. Benson


The fourth installment of the popular series-a hilarious study of 1930s manner and pecking order-begins when Lucia Lucas rents a summer place-the home of Elizabeth Mapp-in the English village of Tilling. So begins a battle of one-upmanship, peppered with queenly airs, ghastly tea parties, and unnerving bridge evenings as the two combatants attempt to out-do each other to win social supremacy. The pompous Lucia and malignant Mapp are characters you will love to hate, wonderfully penned by E.F. Benson.

  • Tytuł: Mapp and Lucia
  • Autor: E.F. Benson
  • ISBN: 9788382924251, 9788382924251
  • Data wydania: 2022-07-13
  • Format: Ebook
  • Identyfikator pozycji: e_2u3m
  • Wydawca: Ventigo Media