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George Eliot


Penned by George Eliot, Romola is an intense, gripping historical novel set in 15th-century Italy. In the narrative, Tito, a handsome but scheming Greek opportunist, marries Romola, the daughter of a scholar. He deceives Romola, is unscrupulous in his political dealings, and is finally killed by his adoptive father. Romola finds strength in helping to care for Titos other wife and the children of that union. A true classic!

  • Tytuł: Romola
  • Autor: George Eliot
  • ISBN: 9788382924497, 9788382924497
  • Data wydania: 2022-07-13
  • Format: Ebook
  • Identyfikator pozycji: e_2u3w
  • Wydawca: Ventigo Media