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Contemporary Concepts of Administrative Procedure Between Legalism and Pragmatism

Contemporary Concepts of Administrative Procedure Between Legalism and Pragmatism

Zbigniew Kmieciak


The aim of this volume is to compare various types of administrative procedure and show their similarities and differences in national, European and global dimensions. The Authors’ intention is also to capture the regularities governing the development of law on administrative proceedings, including answers to the following questions:

1) is there a genetic relationship between the three generations of procedures, or do they derive from the separate ideas of national legislatives (genetic peculiarities)?

2) to what extent did modern procedures become the subject of national codifications?

3) what are the characteristics of national participatory procedures?

4) what are the national experiences in the field of “coexistence” of the three generations of administrative procedures?

5) where is the boundary between pragmatism and legalism of administrative procedures, for example in the case of urgent or simplified, automated and mass procedures?

6) does the increasing complexity of social life necessitate new solutions to integrate standards of the Rule of Law (traditional procedural values) with requirements of procedural pragmatism and efficiency?

7) are the new solutions in contradiction with the idea of multi-aspect protection of interests in administrative procedure?

Zbigniew Kmieciak. Introduction: The Evolvement and the Current Condition of Administrative Procedure Law in European Countries              7


PART ONE. MODALITIES             19

Chapter I. Javier Barnes. Towards a Contemporary Understanding of Administrative Procedure          21

Chapter II. Jean-Bernard Auby. About Subjective Rights in Procedural Administrative Law        41

Chapter III. Herwig C.H. Hofmann, Catherine Warin. The Concept of an Individual Right under Union Law           49

Chapter IV. Marcin Kamiński. Evolution of Subjective Scope of the Administrative Procedure from a Perspective of Legally Protected Interests. Towards New Grounds of Participation in the Administrative Proceedings       65

Chapter V. Ymre Schuurmans, Joyce Esser. Generations of Administrative Procedure in the Netherlands: Towards a Third Generation?      81

Chapter VI. Joanna Wegner. Locus standi in Administrative Procedure   95

Chapter VII. Roberto Caranta. The Adventures and Misadventures of Participation in Administrative Proceedings in the Light of the Italian Experience          107



Chapter VIII. Eduardo Gamero Casado. Purposes and Regulatory Structure of Administrative Procedures in Spain   123

Chapter IX. Giacinto della Cananea, Angela Ferrari Zumbini. Thirty Years with the Administrative Procedure Act: A View from Italy           147

Chapter X. Dejan Vučetić. Is Serbian Administrative Procedure Red, Green, or Forever Amber?        163

Chapter XI. Philipp Reimer. Germany and Administrative Procedure: No Love Lost           179

Chapter XII. Kateřina Frumarová. Coexistence of Traditional and Modern Administrative Proceedings and Acts in Public Administration in the Czech Republic 197

Chapter XIII. Marek Szewczyk, Ewa Szewczyk. Relations Between the Procedures for Issuing Individual and General Administrative Acts and Making “Administrative Regulations”           209

Chapter XIV. Zdeněk Kühn. Discovering Long Forgotten: Settled Administrative Practice in the Czech Administrative Procedure  229

Chapter XV. Dario Đerđa. Legal Protection from Acts of Disposal in the Legal System of the Republic of Croatia           239

Chapter XVI. Csaba Molnár. Who Rules the Administrative Procedures? Rulemaking in the Public Administration            255

Chapter XVII. Bent O. Gram Mortensen, Frederik Waage. Trends in the Administrative Procedures of Denmark 273

Chapter XVIII. Bruna Žuber. Alternative Dispute Resolution in Administrative Relations de lege ferenda: The Case of Slovenia 289

  • Tytuł: Contemporary Concepts of Administrative Procedure Between Legalism and Pragmatism
  • Autor: Zbigniew Kmieciak
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