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Philosophy in Neuroscience

Philosophy in Neuroscience

A collection of essays dealing with the fundamental issues in neuroscience from methodological and philosophical perspectives. The Reader will learn about the methodological difficulties connected with the use of neuroscientific experiments in philosophical argumentation and about the nature of scientific explanation in neuroscience. In addition, the collection includes case studies of several issues lying at the intersection of neuroscience and philosophy such as: theory of mind, self-consciousness, self-deception, depression and morality.

Part I
Methodological Insights

Bartosz Brożek
Philosophy and Neuroscience: Three Modes of Interaction

Robert Poczobut
Mind, Emergence, and the Limits of Neuroscientific Explanations

Marcin Miłkowski
Theoretical Unification and the Neural Engineering Framework

Radosław Zyzik
Biological Determinism and Its Enemies

Wojciech Grygiel
Quantum Mechanics and Its Role in Cognitive Sciences: A Critical Survey

Part II
At the Border Between Neuroscience and Philosophy

Łukasz Kurek
Philosophical Issues in the Neuroscience of Mindreading: The Case of Belief

Julia Stanek
Self-Consciousness: From Philosophy to Neuroscience

Mateusz Hohol, Piotr Urbańczyk
Self-Deception: Between Philosophy and Cognitive Neuroscience

Jerzy Vetulani
The Neurobiology of Depression

Dominika Dudek, Rafał Jaeschke, Marcin Siwek
The Moral Brain: Is There a Link Between Neurobiology and Morality?

Bram T. Heerebout, R. Hans Phaf
Behavioural Benefits and Neural Costs in Simulated Evolution

Wojciech Załuski
On (Un)Happiness from the Viewpoint of Evolutionary Theory and Neuroscience 

  • Tytuły: Philosophy in Neuroscience
  • Autor: Bartosz Brożek, Wojciech P. Grygiel, Łukasz Kurek, Wojciech Załuski, Mateusz Hohol, Robert Poczobut, Radosław Zyzik, Jerzy Vetulani, Marcin Miłkowski, Bram Heerebout, Hans Phaf, Dominika Dudek, Rafał Jaeschke, Marcin Siwek, Piotr Urbańczyk
  • ISBN Ebooka: 978-8-3788-6026-6, 9788378860266
  • Data wydania: 2013-06-22
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