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The Causal Universe

The Causal Universe

A collection of essays dealing with causality, a core issue for both science and philosophy. The Reader will learn about different types of causality in complex systems and about new perspectives on this issue based on physical and cosmological considerations. In addition, the collection includes essays pertaining to the problem of causality in ancient Greek philosophy, and to the problem of God’s relation to the causal structures of nature viewed in the light of contemporary physics and cosmology.

Michael Heller

Part I
Top down casuality and complexity

George F.R. Ellis
Why Are the Laws of Nature as They Are? What Underlies Their Existence?
Top-Down Causation as the Key to the Emergence of Complexity

Jean-Philipe Uzan
Models of the Cosmos and the Emergence of Complexity

Derek Raine
Causality and Complexity

Part II
Casuality and the structure of the Universe

Marek Kuś
The uncertain future and the ambiguous past in classical, quantum and general non-signaling settings

Julian Barbour
Reductionist Doubts

Andrzej M. Sołtan
X-ray background and cosmology

Andrzej Sitarz
Causality and Noncommutativity

Michael Heller
Bottom-Up Causality in a New Setting

Mariusz P. Dąbrowski
Varying physical constant cosmologies and the anthropic principles

Part II
Ultimate casuality


Bogdan Dębiński
Causality issues in ancient Greek philosophy

William R. Stoeger
Cosmology, Evolution, Causality and Creation: The Limits, Compatibility 
and Cooperation of Scientific and Philosophical Methodologies

Thomas Tracy
God and the Causal Structures of Nature: Some Puzzles

Willem B. Drees
God as a Ground? Cosmology and Non-Causal Conceptions of the Divine

  • Tytuły: The Causal Universe
  • Autor: Michał Heller, Bogdan Dembiński, George F.R. Ellis, Julian Barbour, Mariusz P. Dąbrowski, Willem B. Drees, Marek Kuś, Jerzy Lewandowski, Derek Raine, Andrzej Sitarz, Andrzej Sołtan, William R. Stoeger, Thomas Tracy, Jean-Philippe Uzan
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