Windows Server

Active Directory Administration Cookbook. Actionable, proven solutions to identity management and authentication on servers and in the cloud

Sander Berkouwer

Active Directory Administration Cookbook. Proven solutions to everyday identity and authentication challenges for both on-premises and the cloud - Second Edition

Sander Berkouwer

Active Directory Windows Server 2008 Resource Kit

Stan Reimer, Conan Kezema, Mike Mulcare, Byron Wright

Administrowanie sieciowymi systemami operacyjnymi Windows Serwer i Linux Serwer

Bartosz Mrosek, Krzysztof Chrobok

Ansible w praktyce. Automatyzacja konfiguracji i proste instalowanie systemów. Wydanie II

Lorin Hochstein, Rene Moser

AWS Tools for PowerShell 6. Administrate, maintain, and automate your infrastructure with ease

Ramesh Waghmare

DevOps with Windows Server 2016. Click here to enter text

Ritesh Modi

Docker on Windows. From 101 to production with Docker on Windows

Elton Stoneman