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The Hole in the Wall

Arthur Morrison

Morrison, a novelist and short-story writer, is most often remembered for a series featuring the detective Martin Hewitt, but before that, he wrote several grim and violent books about life in the London slums. The Hole in the Wall is one of the most gripping adventure stories ever written. Stephen Kemp goes to live with his mysterious grandfather after his mothers death, and is gradually drawn into the seedy world which Captain Nat Kemp inhabits. The author brilliantly conveys the childs sharp observation of all that goes on around him, and builds up portrait of the picaresque life of the East End of London at the turn of the 20th century with humanity and humor he himself may have known as a boy. It is considered a classic of English story-telling and worth a read.


Madame and Her Twelve Virgins

E. Phillips Oppenheim

The two men hesitated upon the tee, gazing down the glade towards the distant-green. Their caddies were still pointing in excitement to a motionless object stretched upon the smooth turf close to the flag. Look there! Its a man! He is dead! The players paused to consider the situation. They were oddly contrasted combatantsone, Mr. Edgar Franks, elderly, large and florid, with a mass of flaxen hair only slightly streaked with grey, a transatlantic millionaire, and owner of the finest villa in the neighbourhood of Antibes the other tall and slim, a mere lad, whose name was Armand Toyes, and who motored down occasionally from his home somewhere in the hills behind Cagnes.


Guns of the Gods. A Story of Yasminis Youth

Talbot Mundy

Yasmini is the heroine of many fairy tale authors and in this story this Indian princess is also present. In the complex plot involved and a young American couple. Interesting story, picturesque landscapes and wonderful reading!


The Heritage of the Sioux

B.M. Bower

Pioneering Western writer Bertha Muzzy Bower gained critical acclaim by bringing a unique female perspective to her tales of ranch life. In The Heritage of the Sioux, Bower brings a similarly empathic perspective to her fictionalized account of one of the most storied Native American tribes. It is widely considered to be one of the top 100 greatest books of all time. This great novel will surely attract a whole new generation of readers. The Heritage Of The Sioux by B.M. Bower was a much loved American author who wrote novels, fictional short stories, and screenplays about the American Old West. A great addition to any collection.


The Human Touch

H.C. McNeile

Shorty Bill the sniper is a fun type, but with a cool head. He cuts a new tag on his rifle with each new kill. Herman Cyril McNeile despised the Germans. He was a soldier, a member of the Royal Engineers. This story is about simple guys who became real soldiers in the war.


A Thorny Path

Georg Ebers, Clara Bell

A nineteenth-century novel from a German Egyptologist and novelist who discovered the Egyptian medical papyrus in Luxor. Georg Ebers wanted to familiarize the public with the discoveries of Egyptologists. The novel really describes the hard life of Egypt in the 19th century. An unusual theme for the novel was chosen, but really interesting and exciting.


The Tragedie of Anthony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare

With a strong spirit and body, people who are ready to endure all sorts of hardships and difficulties for the sake of the cause of their whole life, their blood, their feats inscribing their names in the history of mankind, also end up being tested, which turn out to be stronger than them. And for the sake of this, a person is able to erase his entire former life overnight. This happens with Anthony, an honorary Roman who fell in love with the proud queen of Egypt. For his sake he forgot Rome and the family, and Caesar.



William Shakespeare

Tragedia Williama Shakespearea napisana około 1606 r. Należy do najczęściej wystawianych i adaptowanych sztuk szekspirowskich. Lord Makbet, wódz w armii króla Dunkana, spotyka trzy wiedźmy, które przepowiadają mu koronę. Ten się opiera, ale podjudzany przez chorobliwie ambitną żonę zabija swojego króla. Aby utrzymać się przy władzy brnie jednak w spiralę zbrodni... Makbet jest archetypiczną opowieścią o niebezpieczeństwach związanych z żądzą władzy i zdradą przyjaciół.