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Accelerate Model Training with PyTorch 2.X. Build more accurate models by boosting the model training process

Maicon Melo Alves, Lúcia Maria de Assumpçao Drummond

Active Machine Learning with Python. Refine and elevate data quality over quantity with active learning

Margaux Masson-Forsythe

Advanced Deep Learning with Keras. Apply deep learning techniques, autoencoders, GANs, variational autoencoders, deep reinforcement learning, policy gradients, and more

Rowel Atienza

Advanced Deep Learning with Python. Design and implement advanced next-generation AI solutions using TensorFlow and PyTorch

Ivan Vasilev

Advanced Deep Learning with R. Become an expert at designing, building, and improving advanced neural network models using R

Bharatendra Rai

Advanced Machine Learning with R. Tackle data analytics and machine learning challenges and build complex applications with R 3.5

Cory Lesmeister, Dr. Sunil Kumar Chinnamgari

Agile Machine Learning with DataRobot. Automate each step of the machine learning life cycle, from understanding problems to delivering value

Bipin Chadha, Sylvester Juwe

Algorytmy Data Science. Siedmiodniowy przewodnik. Wydanie II

David Natingga