3D Printing with SketchUp. Real-world case studies to help you design models in SketchUp for 3D printing on anything ranging from the smallest desktop machines to the largest industrial 3D printers with this book and

Meir Gottesman

ABC CorelDRAW 2018 PL

Roland Zimek

Adobe Animate 2022 for Creative Professionals. Implement professional techniques and create vivid animated and interactive content with Animate - Second Edition

Joseph Labrecque

Aplikacje 3D. Przewodnik po HTML5, WebGL i CSS3

Tony Parisi

Blender. Architektura i projektowanie. Wydanie II

Piotr Chlipalski

Building CI/CD Systems Using Tekton. Develop flexible and powerful CI/CD pipelines using Tekton Pipelines and Triggers

Joel Lord

Canvas LMS Course Design. Create and deliver interactive online courses on the Canvas learning management system - Second Edition

Ryan John

CorelDRAW 2018 PL. Ćwiczenia praktyczne

Roland Zimek